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With a commitment to excellence, our passionate instructors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to each course, ensuring you receive top-notch training. Join us on a journey of growth and self-discovery as you immerse yourself in our dynamic learning environment.

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Classes & Programs

What to Expect

Classes & Courses

Our programs provide expert guidance in techniques that encompass both theory and hands-on practice. Our experienced instructors offer personalized instruction to help you understand the principles and effects of these techniques on the body. You’ll also learn how to seamlessly integrate them into your existing practice, assess clients, and create effective treatment plans. The learning experience includes interactive discussions, group activities, and practical sessions with real clients to enhance your skills. Upon successful completion, you’ll earn a certification to validate your commitment to professional growth. Join our carefully designed course to elevate your expertise in these techniques.


What Our Graduates Are Saying

I highly recommend taking a course from Courtney if you want to further your massage therapy knowledge. As a student in her class, I was impressed by her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, which she shared with us in a clear and organized manner. Her teaching style was engaging and interactive, and she made sure to answer all of our questions and provide individual attention. Courtney’s professionalism and positive attitude created a supportive and comfortable learning environment. She also provided valuable feedback throughout the course to help us improve our skills. Overall, I feel confident in my ability to massage thanks to Courtney’s guidance and instruction

Emily A.

Courtney was my favourite teacher when I was in school to become a registered massage therapist. She’s extremely kind and bubbly but at the same time, has expectations of her students and has a structured style of teaching. Having completed a degree before going to massage school I really appreciated the clear expectations and the structure of her class. I found her classes to be an extremely high-quality learning experience. She’s very knowledgeable in her skills as a registered massage therapist, but it’s also a business owner which I think enhances her qualifications to instruct and teach Sasha industry as the business side of the job is also extremely valuable to learn. Even after I finished courses with Courtney she has always been available for any questions to discuss job opportunities and even just as a support system as I’ve grown in my career and I could not be more grateful.

Becca S.

I highly recommend taking a course from Courtney, I massage therapy instructor with exceptional experience in our industry. Her teaching style is engaging and comprehensive, and her professionalism and personable nature create a comfortable learning environment. She provided valuable feedback and support throughout the course, hoping me to develop my skills and confidence as a therapist. Overall, it was incredibly rewarding experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a talented instructor.

Cierra B.

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